Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You are at war.

I have always seen life as a long war.

From the beginning, each of us began our journey as 2 parts. You and I were one of untold millions of sperm that fought like hell to make it to the egg. We survived the greatest war we will ever fight, the biological war to be present (to paraphrase George Zaluki). Birth was the biggest shocks we have endured, barring possibly catastrophic injury suffered in combat (/Salute). We managed to make it through the first 5 years being almost completely helpless, solely by the discretion of the members of our tribe who raised us. As young boys...We didn't die, or most of us didn't at least. We fought our way through our childhood, the social pecking order of our schools. We learned to fight together though sports and as members of our perspective gangs. We got older. We fought through higher education, through trade skills and the job markets. We fight each other for resources and women and honor.

We all have one thing in common. Everyone of our ancestors won. In a world where plagues, wars and famine kill millions, you and I are a testament to our fathers and their fathers before them.

 Perhaps you read this and think: hell, I am not a violent person, I haven't murdered my way up the corporate ladder or put anyone into the poorhouse.

Maybe you have in some way done just that.

For everyone who got "that" job, many others didn't. The law of unintended consequences. Someone loses out on that job, they are forced to take a lesser job or no job at all. they do or don't get X,Y or Z as a result. Perhaps they can't afford  the absolute best lifesaving treatment for their child, or feed them or any number of possible scenarios that ends their bloodline. You get the woman with the quality genetics, they are forced to settle for one without. Your children grow up and attend private school. theirs gets stabbed in public school. The possibilities are as dark as they are endless. Everything you do in life matters and echos down your bloodline.

 Lift some weights, eat cleaner, talk to women, ask for a raise, read a book, fight like hell for everything you can so you can choose how the story ends. You are entitled to what you earn, so go get it! Your bloodline depends on everything YOU do.

With that said, morality isn't subjective. Don't murder, literally or figuratively, your way up the ladder. Take care of the people who take care of you. "Give something back", as Arnold says. Bring others up with you. Be resolute as Iron.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

On Pagan Tradition and the Hope of the Resurrection.

This morning at church, we hid Easter Eggs. I have never done that before. In  my family we didn't really follow the Church calendar or engage in the traditions of the Church because my parents believed that Christmas and Easter were pagan holidays that were appropriated, and because of that, they were inseparable from their pagan roots, and oughtn't to be celebrated.

This morning, one of the women objected to our Easter Egg hunt for much the same reasons. That got me thinking. Because in the past couple years I have begun to be involved in the Church calendar and to care deeply about the seasons of the Church and how we live life together celebrating the life of Christ, and what he has done for us.

Cruxifiction is the worst possible punishment one could be sentenced to. It is a horrific form of torturous death. But the power of Christ is such that He can redeem even that. That the cross, that emblem of the wickedness of the artifice of man, should become a symbol of hope and salvation, is one of the many evidences of the power, greatness, and glory of God.

If Christ can redeem the cross, surely He can redeem Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny too. If Christ can redeem me, what is a bunny rabbit?

The empty eggs serve as a symbol of the empty tomb, and also as a symbol of the whitewashed tombs that we are. We decorate ourselves, and pretend to be righteous, but  without Christ we are as empty and worthless as those eggshells.

Today we celebrate the greatest thing to ever occur in the entire history of the human race. I mean that as literally as possible. There has never been, nor shall there ever be, as long as time itself endures, a greater event than Christ raising Himself from the grave. Three days ago, the worst catastrophe to ever be committed by the sinful mind of man occurred. We, humanity, murdered the only innocent man to ever live. In fact, we murdered God Himself. But the power and grace of God is so big, so magnificent and merciful is He, that He intended that we should, that He would become Agnus Dei, and swallow all our sin, that we might live forever with Him. Glory be to God.

He is Risen!

Scalpellum; an introduction.

I always find it hard to describe myself to others, particularly strangers. I am never quite sure when I have provided enough information to be honest, while also not crossing the line into oversharing. But as a general rule for myself, I prefer to be overly honest than underly honest. I would rather make errors of boldness, than errors of timidity.

I first discovered the “Manosphere” about a year ago. In fact, Athol Kay is at least partially responsible for the fact that I am not married; for which I am incredibly grateful. At the time, I was engaged, and as I learned more, and as I kept asking questions, and as we went through our pre-marital counseling, it became clear to me that marrying her was not a good idea. So I ended it. And frankly that was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It wrecked me. And it made me re-evaluate everything.

My entire philosophical system had to be re-evaluated. Because my conclusions weren’t corresponding to the real world, I knew that either my premises, or my logic was faulty. So I had to start back at the beginning and work my way forward. One of the hard truths I had to confront was the fact that I was a loser. So the past year has been me working to stop being a loser.

 I have been doing that for the last year, and my role in Ferrous Gens is to talk about some of the conclusions I have had, and some of the questions I have been wrestling with. I am not going to write about pick up strategies, or how to get same day lays, or anything along those lines. I don’t have any experience with that, nor do I have any interest in it. I am not going to write about how to be happily married. Having never been married, it would be inappropriate.

What I am going to write about is philosophy, specifically metaphysics, and epistemology, theology, my self-improvement journey, and what I am looking for in a woman, and how I am going about trying to find her. In short, I am going to write about how to become a good man, and what I am doing to become better at being a man.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The story of the Axe and the Scalpel

An order of introductions:

There are 2 of us (so far) that came about the idea to take what we have learned from other parts of the Manosphere, recapitulate, aggregate or otherwise share what we know now as well as how it relates to our worldviews and experiences.

We are the Axe and the Scalpel.

The Axe: an introduction

   There have always been very apparent glitches in the Matrix, and when the red pill came for me I embraced it with enthusiasm and nearly choked on it. I had been a White Knight of the highest order and knew that things weren't working as "intended". It was my strongly held belief that it was within my power to exert enough will to change the world around me back to the way it was "supposed" to be. My discovery of the Manosphere and the red pill was unintentional. I was very much committed to my blue pill world that I had invested time, resources and an inordinate amount of brain and willpower to succeed in. I was looking for that last missing piece...

What I found was that I merely possessed the bottom right corner piece of the puzzle.

 For years I had a best friend who got every single girl I was interested in. A natural Alpha, the guy didn't even graduate high school, worked as a nobody in a non profit, had no car, no money...and yet women loved him. I spent the 8 years of our friendship having a perfect example of how to be an Alpha, and hating every minute of it. And when I was no longer useful I was turned on and my sphere of influence broke apart.

Then the Lord spoke to me. Yep. I was driving through construction at 3am, doing slaloms between the pylons. Thus began the 5 year reconciliation of the way the world is and the way God intended it as it was known to me.

3 years later and a failed 2 year relationship with "the one"(no such thing) I discover the red pill.

And I grieved. The whole world I built on the solid foundation of the female imperative came crashing down on my soul. In much the same way I grieved the 2 year relationship that I chose to end, I said the same goodbyes to my life long investment in the world in front of the real world.


I have always felt the desire to improve the world around me as I have taken much that was offered freely to me. Through this blog I hope to increase, as well as increase the world around me through the free exchange of experience. Much of what I plan to write will be of what I have learned and how I came to such knowledge and Truth, as well as truth. I am very much still a work in process. On my quest from low level Beta to Apex Alpha, I have found friends and allies, brothers all, to blaze this path with. I am a man of modest education with a knack for stating the elusive obvious. I try to think useful thoughts, form practical opinions and enjoy cracking the code of humanity. Let us reason, together, as Men.

Friday, April 11, 2014