Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spinning plates

In my mission statement I declared that my purpose was to share what I've learned, my experiences and how I came to learn them.

Enter Rollo Tomassi with Plate Theory.

This act, which ought to be an art, has had a very dramatic effect on me recently. The idea took a little while to make its way past my old programing residuals left from before my awakening. This was actually very helpful as it forced me to examine other processes, or "Rules" that I had in place that were left over from the last administration.

Things I cleared up for myself:
It is ok to romantically pursue more than 1 woman at a time.
It is ok to romantically pursue a woman a friend has dated with the proper disclosure/allowance.
It is ok to remove the woman from the pedestal and place her in the bond pits of Chicago.
It is ok to directly compete, head to head, with other men... unless that man is the bints husband.
It is ok for a woman to not live up to your expectations, they just don't get to continue riding.
It is ok to steal the frame and force women to compete over you.

You may notice a lot of these things are naturally occurring withing the red-pill awakening process.
My problem was that I Auto-Updated my OS and just trusted it to work without further examination. Shame on me for lacking sufficient observing ego.

Recently I have started the plates-a-spinning by starting with one what is almost a sure thing. Next I started spinning a pair of sisters, though I am really only interested in one (the younger, of course).
Next I have started treating every woman who might possibly qualify as a plate. I'll examine them, give them a once-spin on my finger to see if they balance and finish by checking to see how worn they are. And I have begun doing this without pretense.

All this and I didn't realize I had made this shift until my brother made the comment that I chase women more than he changes his underwear. If I am going to err, I will do so on the side that pegs him as a man of good hygiene.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Go lift.

I should just leave this post at its title.

But then what would the purpose of blogging be?

It's is almost cliche to claim that lifting has changed my life. It may also sound a little melodramatic. Reality is, everything you do changes your life to a varying degree. So put your preconceived notions of what you think I am going to talk about away.

 How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?  A multidimensional question. Fear is one of the greatest killers of men. Men fear what they do not understand because they don't know how it may threaten them. Men also fear what they lack the potency to combat.

Consider fear to be a flaw in the iron. If you make a sword without properly tempering it, it will be brittle and fail under the slightest amount of stress. If you use poor quality stock, you can temper it all day long, but it will only hold a certain edge.

Consider learning about the things you fear to be improving the quality of your stock.
Consider also action in direct opposition to your fear to be the tempering.

Through preparation you increase the chances of success, through execution you gain victory.

One of the first things you learn when you begin your journey is failure. Yes, you learn failure. Failure in this context is not the opposite of success, bur rather the earning of it. Failure is the process. Embrace the Suck. You will never be able to lift all the weight and you will never be able to lift it all of the time. The purpose is the journey; perfection is an ideal. When you begin your life of lifting you will grieve. You have made a decision to kill yourself in favor of creating a new and improved self. Most people never get past the first stage:

 Denial and Isolation. you are too skinny/fat to go to the gym, you don't have time, your dog ate your car keys, Obama is president... Unless Socialism has caused your gym to close (/hint**find another one**) or you are deployed to a F.O.B., you really have no valid excuse. That voice in your head isn't really you. What voice? THAT VOICE! THE ONE THAT JUST ASKED YOU THAT VERY QUESTION IN YOUR OWN HEAD.
It is not there to help you and if you haven't noticed, it is the one thing that has always held you back or talked you out of things.

Anger. This is too hard. I can't lift compared to the guy next to me. I want to be lean/built/huge already. I am not seeing results after the first week, etc. Relax, step back and evaluate your expectations. If you can't form proper realistic expectations, then go get a personal trainer to help you, or make friends with a lifter and apprentice. Chanel all that energy into your lifts.

Bargaining. This was my favorite part of my process. The iron will never lie to you, nor love you, nor hate you. It will always be fair and unyielding in equal proportions. It cannot be bargained with which leads us to:

Depression. This is the distance between your first rep and the first positive sign you see in your progression. It may be hitting a milestone PR, dropping a certain amount of weight or getting a positive response from the opposite sex. This is the void where your efforts are unrealized and achieving your goals is uncertain. Persist, it wont be like this for long.

Acceptance. Boom! you look in the mirror and you give yourself a chubby. You catch a woman staring or adjusting her body language to accommodate yours based merely on your physical fitness indicators. You leg press 1,100 lbs. People start acting more accommodating based merely on the fact that they now lack the potency to defeat you. The greater you is arrived. The old you has perished, never to return.

In the process you have learned your physical limits, tested them and increased. You have honed your body into an edifice worthy of respect. To take either from you would require someone to kill you. It bears repeating: "Strong people are harder to kill"

These are a few of the secrets the iron keeps. It will share them with you if you are willing to persist to earn them.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

What the hell do I want?

I seem to have developed a sense of detachment from the things I think I should want. At first I thought this was listless apathy. Perhaps it is. It does not pervade my entire life; my job, lifting weights, building and maintaining my Gens, nor does it keep me from being social. What it does do is turn down the volume on things that I think I ought to enjoy or be concerned with. It is as if my If-Then formal logic register decided to go to Bali for the weekend and turned off its cell.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On Country Music.

Country music is where I started, left for awhile, and now have returned to. I have a fascination with it now, as I have been made wise to the real ways of the world. On one hand, you have these big ole country boys, big trucks, fighting, beer and chasing women. Country girls love it, and given what we observe, that figures. On the other hand we have these country music stars who sing about the most depressingly blue pill, delta male topics: Oneitis, Supplication and Willingly participating in being friend-zoned. I could go on, but wont.

Women eat this stuff up.

 All of it.

Now, I am not a shrink, behavioral scientist or mental health practitioner, nor have I ever played one on TV(/hat tip Scalp). Given what we have collectively worked out as men of the Sphere, the fact that women love the pining-away sappy side of country serves to reinforce what we have come to know. Women have no ability, no observing ego that allows them to see their own disconnect between what they value in men and what they say they value. I think I will leave this idea around for greater thinkers than I to evaluate and find how this benefits us.