Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Beta-Whip-Saw

The Whip-Saw

A good EAP I know came to the club to dance dressed far more provocatively than I have ever seen her. I am not even sure where she got the clothes to be honest. She looked good without being slutty.
I could tell she was very uncomfortable so  I immediately dragged her on the dance floor where everyone could see her. I then performed what I will call the Beta-Whip-Saw.

The set up:

I began to soothe her fears a little while doing my best not to indicate personal approval(after all, she is fun to look at). She explained that there was no one home to check out her outfit and offer approval (she lives with her parents).


I calmly explained how I live very close and the next time she found herself in this situation she should call me. I would be happy to come over...


... and Judge her.

It was like watching the hamster try to step onto a wheel already spinning 900 rpm.