Sunday, March 1, 2015

Avatar of the Patriarchy

14 seconds.

Brace yourself for all of the "girl power" nonsense in the wake of the Rhonda Rousey 14 second submission of Kat Zingano at UFC 184.

Rousey is raised high, like Simba was raised up by that red-assed baboon in The Lion King. Yet, unlike most things that are bought and paid for, Rousey is the real deal. She sports a clean, unbeaten record in the UFC and holds an Olympic bronze in judo. There is only 1 word that accurately describes Rhonda Rousey:


The longer I watch her, the more I am convinced that something happened in her past, either is was the suicide of her father at age 8, or being born with head in an umbilical noose...there is something lost, or gained that has unlocked this violent potential. Rousey blazed the path for women in MMA, but the longer she fights the more she merely blazes a path for herself.

The poster child for women in MMA no longer shows the world what "women" can do, but rather what She can do.

 She has crossed the Rubicon.

Every victory now starkly contrasts what women Can't do. Every pitiful loss her opponents earn are the proof that Rhonda Rousey is the exception that proves the rule.

Out of the octagon and into the kitchen.