Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It is Exactly where you are going.

My girl, who is a legit "Good Christian Girl" has decided that she will no longer spend the night with me. Partly because she will end up fucking me, ending her GCG status, and partly because... hell, I stopped listening. A bold move to seize the frame. An inflamed ASD to be sure, a bit of finesse is required to coax the hamster back into its hamster ball.

My plan? Make this into a game. Every chance I get I turn the tables and either tell her that she can't do the thing she already declared she isn't going to do, or tease and tempt her with the fact that she does indeed want to do the thing she says she wont.

While lifting, I began with bit of playful banter to set up, a feign to bring her to the point of refusal a few times.

My girl then proceeded to complain about her sister and sisters boyfriend making too much noise at night in the apartment they girls share.

"Well, if you can't sleep there, you can sleep with me"

..."not where I was going"

All roads lead to my bed.

The whole gym could hear her panties moisten.