Thursday, May 14, 2015

On Failures:

    I hate failing. I have never been anyone else so it is difficult to say that I hate it more than the next guy, but I hate it a lot. I am a man who makes it a point to be keenly aware of my limitations in any given context. I also hate my limitations and actively pursue expanding them whenever possible.

There is a thing called the 1,000 lbs club. It is a combination of 1 rep maxes of squat, deadlift and bench press.

The goal was thus:

275 bench
435 deadlift
290 squat

I hit a 255 bench, and failed on my 275 attempt
I failed my 435 deadlift and then failed again on my 415
I didn't even bother with my squat attempt.

I went in without specifically training for this, as I haven't been strength training for the last 2 months. The lesson? Lack of preparation will only lead to failure.

These failures, which are small, will only lead me closer to what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls "Antifragility"

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